Quanzhi technology fell 55%, with a net outflow of 8671.45 million yuan

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[0} Zhongxin Jingwei client, July 30 (Xinhua) in early trading today, Quanzhi Technology (300458) fell 5.5% to 39.86 yuan, the turnover was 390.69 million yuan, the turnover rate was 4.47%, the amplitude of Dafa Kuai three lottery app was 5.74%, and the volume ratio was 1.95.

Quanzhi technology's semiconductor big fast three lottery app saw a group decline of 1.19%. Leading gainers were Zhongying Electronics (300327), while leading losers were Quanzhi Technology (300458).

In terms of

funds, the total outflow of Quanzhi technology in the past five days was 286.0886 million yuan. Today, the main funds showed a net outflow state, with a net outflow of 86.7145 million yuan.

the recent day (July 29, 2020) financing and securities lending data of the stock are: financing balance of 618.0307 million yuan, margin of 8.1075 million shares, financing purchase of 158.3235 million yuan, and net financing purchase of 10.335 million yuan.

According to the latest first quarter performance in 2020, the company achieved business income of 262 million yuan, net profit of 25.9643 million yuan, income per share of 0.08 yuan, and P / E ratio of 102.27.

In terms of agency rating, two securities companies offered to buy in the past six months.

The main business of

Quanzhi science and technology is the design of super large peripheral digital analog assimilation SOC and intelligent power management chip. The latest performance of regular notice shows that the number of shareholders of the company is 33100, which is 5.73% shorter than that in the previous notice period. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)